Clark Brown
Judge Clark Brown
Judge Clark Brown, as played by Henry Gibson.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
District Court Judge
Frequently presides over trials presented by Alan and Denny, who represents him in a lawsuit against a rehab clinic for homosexuals called Better Tomorrow, which he wins; a virigin still at 70, still lives with his mother
Character information
Created by David E. Kelley
Appeared on: Boston Legal
First episode
"Questionable Characters" (Season 1)
Final episode
"Juiced" (Season 5)
Episodes appeared in: 24 from Seasons 1-5
Character played by: Henry Gibson
Boston Legal Wiki

"Shocking...and outrageous!": Judge Brown's trademark curse of anything he finds unreasonable.

"You know what my mother would call you, Mr. Shore? A NANSY-PANSY!"

Judge Clark Brown, played by Henry Gibson, is a gay judge with low self esteem.


Clark Brown is 70 years old and is a court judge Denny Crane and Alan Shore frequently present trials to. He has low self-esteem due to the fact he still lives with his mother, and the fact that he was still a virgin. Denny and Alan regularly played on his insecurities to get good rulings from him. In the middle of season three, Brown realized he was a homosexual and informed his priest. The priest diagnosed him with S.S.A.D. (Same Sex Attraction Disorder), and sent him to a rehabilitation clinic for homosexuals called Better Tomorrow. After spending 40,000 dollars and not being cured of his homosexuality, he sued with Denny, Alan, and Bethany representing him. He got all his money back, interest, and 350,000 dollars. He is seen in 21 episodes.

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