Melvin Palmer
Melvin Palmer
Melvin Palmer is Alan Shore's chief nemisis on the series who appears in six episodes.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Chief rival and nemisis of Alan Shore who relies on Southern charm to win over clients and fellow attorneys
Character information
Appeared on: Boston Legal
Episodes appeared in: 6 from Seasons 2-5
Character played by: Christopher Rich
Boston Legal Wiki

Melvin Palmer, played by Christopher Rich, is a lawyer and Alan Shore's chief nemesis. He is not a part of Crane, Poole & Schmidt, The character appears in six episodes of the series from Seasons 2-5.

About MelvinEdit

Melvin Palmer is from Texas, and often relies on his southern charm and accent, to win over clients and attorneys. He is known to represent large companies that are involved in immoral activities. He is first seen on Boston Legal representing a credit card company that charges outragous interest rates, and later a production company charged with murder after a talk show stunt went awry. Denny and Alan, while in Utah, get into legal trouble and are actually defended by Melvin Palmer. Melvin appears one last time at Shirley's Thanksgiving party. Though he lost all his cases against Alan, he doesn't care due to the fact he still gets paid. A fact that infuriates Alan.

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